I had a look at a LAK17at one of these days.

I actually succeeded to fold my 2m into the cockpit but the legs are slightly more bent then foreseen by the designer and I would have to put something underneath my knees to be comfortable (but the central instrument tower gets broader a bit higher up so that the legs are not straight anymore; have to see how this could be solved). Normally, the legs are laying flat all the way and you are laying rather than sitting in this plane. But the visibility is good and getting in and out is easy due to the forward folding tower and canopy.

Otherwise all wings are incredibly light but seem solid enough. They are looong and thin with the winglet extension for the 18m configuration (protruded carbon…whatever). All assembly works with automatic joints. Because of all the commands (air break, engine controls, flaps, landing gear, trimming, etc.) there is not much space left to put an apple and a banana except behind the left elbow (with a string attached to pull it forward within reach; an invention of the current owner). According to the owner you fly it at 80 km/h in thermals (and it climbs well) even if the green area ends at 105 km/h but it will show off against other gliders at 200 km/h. Apparently it is very easy to fly. Very stable.

The Solo engine takes 20 » to unfold and the bay closes once it’s out. Apparently, once you get the trick it is up and running with 70m loss only but the owner tells me that you should never try to use it if there is no landing opportunity nearby because once out and failing to run the minimal sinking rate is 1.6 m/sec. It climbs with 2 m/sec, 3 x 1000 m with a full fuel reservoir. It even would take the plane off the ground but this is illegal.

How could I fly one for 4 hours to see what my body tells me then?

LAK Switzerland Avia Fly (Yvonne Schwarz / Lorenz Müller)

LAK17AT Flight manual

LAK17AT Maintenance manual

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3 réflexions sur “LAK17at

  1. Looks like a nice tool… Except that the end of the green arc at 105 km/h makes me veeery suspicious… Is there no possibility to fly one at the LAK Switzerland re-saler?

    • On pourrait demander Lorenz Müller ou Yvonne Schwarz qui ont tous les 2 plus que 1000 heures volent et vendent ces machines en Suisse. Voir leur site affiché à la fin de mon article.

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