Language proficiency test experience


Just made it through my first level 4 language proficiency. Uff!!

Maybe it is useful to share the experience before I forget for anyone thinking about taking this test too.
I did this in Bern (end of Tram 9 line General Guisan!).
First they made us listen to a digital recording of very good sound quality and speakers with a clear UK accent. The recording was 20′ in all and could not be stopped.
There were 2 sections.
First were three ATIS and the answer form told you what to retain and note out of the whole ATIS, always two things in each, eg RWY and wind, or so.
Second, there were around 5 little radio messages like that there was a problem with a system and that something was cancelled or an accident happened or so (I won’t give a way the exact stories to be honest). Then, there were each time 4 possible summaries in 1-2 sentences as a single answer multiple-choice.
Each item in this test was read twice and you had 20 » to read the question again.

The second part (15′) of the test is an oral conversation starting with a picture that you are asked to describe followed by the 2 examiners asking you questions about your experience with flying, etc. They tell you beforehand that no content knowledge is required or judged. So you could actually say that you hate flying and never check fuel before getting into the airplane, though I did not try and see if this would please them.

Now I am good for 4 years, then the re-exam will be done by an examiner during and after a check ride, which seems quite fair to me. So I decided not to apply for a level 5 for the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free.


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