Sky Demon versus Air Nav Pro

I just downloaded and am testing a navigation software for iPad (and other mobile devices): SkyDemon. There are some great features, like submission of a flight plan, fuel consumption, online weather reports, and a very rich lateral view. Compared to AirNavigation Pro: some is better, some is not so good. Splicing the two would be great. BTW, AirNavigation Pro has now a glass cockpit view with real landscape view in a artificial horizon…

Ask me if you want to have a look. I will use both inflight to see how they work.

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4 réflexions sur “Sky Demon versus Air Nav Pro

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  2. hello
    one month after the beginning of your test, coud you give us your feedback? for you, which software is the best to be used in our glider (or plane)

    I’m wondering myself whether I should download air nav pro or Skydemon
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Gaspard,
      I have not used either of them for gliding. There, I use iGlide by Butterfly. This software just came out with an improved version 2.0, that I just downloaded but have not tested yet. It is specially designed for gliding. I am curious to see the new version. One useful thing that was missing was a possibility to include glider approach charts for airports. And I found it difficult to read in full sunlight with dark glasses in the glider I must say. Also, even if manipulation is ergonomically designed it was difficult to manipulate in bumpy conditions. There is no iPad version of iGlide, because the designers think of the iPad as being too big. I am not sure…

      I have used Air Nav for motor flying a lot and found it really useful. But I have not yet used the artificial horizon function. But I found it useful to have the same map that I have on paper and for calculating the flight it has been great.

      I am fascinated by SkyDemon. It has some great features that I think are specially useful for motor flying across borders. But I just planned flights with it but never got around to actually use it in flight 😦 bad weather…

      I plan to write up the experiences once I have used it more.

  3. In effect I started in 2010 using airnav in real vfr and it is very useful .
    Skydemon seems more complete now and some features seems very effective like wind realtime view and more vfr reporting point
    I am not sure if all the details will be visible while in flight especially in sunny days
    I will try to do some tests with the demo version and may be useful to exchange indications
    Interesting the IFR airways and ifr procedures even are the AIP


    Cosimo, Aeroclub Milano

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