Increase safety during contests

New project

Who? Regina and Alfred Ultsch (Flytop), Patrick Hofer and his wife, and others

Risk of accident during a contest seems to be 10 times higher than during pleasure flying…

OSTIF has a project to attribute 6 contest points for safety, difficult to implement…

FLYTOP competition (based on Flytop seminars but adapted to competition)

Now meeting participants should come up with 3 suggestions on yellow cards


My suggestions were:

Special safety briefings
Minimal training of pilots and safety record
Cameras on board


Such cards will be implemented at each contest and pilots will receive points for valid suggestions
Topics will be used in briefings

Flarm obligation
Spiralling rules
Better announcements

When there were several same suggestions on cards, these were implemented the next day
Example: line betwen spectators and runway

Awareness was increased, many suggestions with actions to be taken by pilots themselves

Survey should agreement by majority of pilotes

100 eyes see more than the two eyes of the safety officer

Future potential improvement:
Integration of helpers

Did not work in Münster during summer camp 2012, due to low professionalism and missing preparation

Next test case: Swiss National Championship in Amlikon!

Wishes a good winter and training toneveryone!
End of session



Une réflexion sur “Increase safety during contests

  1. A safety breifing should be obligatory every day. The Safety breifing have to explain what is the bigger risk for the day

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