Location systems

Accidents like last year should not happen (missing ELTs)!

Old (not seen by satelites, but Rega) and new frequency (surveyed by satelite)

Battery empty
Antenna broken
Not switched on

Financial and administrative big effort to switch to new frequency
In Switzerland not legally requires

PLB personal locator beacon
Same frequency, not automatically activated on impact

Has evolved from collision alert to multifunctional instrument: several Flarm can help crowd sourcing the location of

Very handy, can transmit via satelite seveal messages, good connection
170 EUR to purchase, 90 EUR per year for message transmission, 35 EUR per year for live tracking (each 10′ a signal)
For gliding: in case of accident, give message, if unable, friends can locate the tracking
A club can equip all gliders with SPOT for safety, but then have to organize tracking survey

Can be traced, but not well in mountains
Negative: accu is quickly empty (here an old handy can be useful), but number must be known
Tracking software for handies available

Other means
Sets with mirrors, signal guns, etc.

Personal safety organisation, also on level of club

The equipment with location systems of all club ACFT should be known


What was the problem in accidents last year why ACFT were not found for a long time?
Andy: All cases, some did not have ELT, others were not operational, others

How did Bex organize the equipment with SPOT?
SG Bex: was easy, 3 sets of batteries per glider per year

Safety officer Swiss Army: does REGA has access to SPOT homepage?
Not to tracking homepage, but alarm button linked to REGA. There is no impact detector, but can be activated in advance of risk situation and then be deactivated if no accident.
A good thing to organize this as a club, then the chief organizer can always see where the ACFT are, for ex in the evening.

What is the view of BAZL regarding obligatory implementation?
Only if EASA wil require it, oerwise no obligatory implementation to give other cheaper solutions than ELT. But you have to have any device!!

Andy: it is absolutely important to start searching!! But if no one misses the pilot no one will start the search. Think also of friends and family who will get crazy for fear.

Swiss Army safety officer: Organizaton of info leads to risk awareness.

Pilot: mentions new device combining advantages DSX. http://www.d-s-x.net/ Has deceleration sensor. Swiss product.
In Schänis under testing.


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  1. This is very interesting, whe should speak more about this topik in our club and find some intelligent solutions!

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