Annual meeting of the Swiss Soaring Federation 2013

The conference starts now (Sat, 16.02.2013, 13.30LT).

Antonio and Hugo attend for GVVN.
The Minutes of last year are accepted.
President hearing on EASA certification and on an airspace issue announced for the end of the conference.

The many accidents last year are discussed. Also a near miss with an airliner at LSZH and the issue of air space infractions. See earlier safety meeting in this blog by Hugo.

Funding by BAZL for safety issue or other expenditures available!!

The new BFK Birrfeld for distance flying introduction, 19 subscriptions, is viewed as a success.

Statistics of active pilots
(With liefelong EASA certificate there is no possibility to know the number of active pilots, survey necessary)

Finances: 31’000.- better than anticipated by the budget


Sky guide gave a lot of money to the association that will be used for the transition EASA
SFSV Bulletin now online featuring all articles in Aerorevue and a item Safety.

Coffee beak break

Now the president’s hearing

EASA certification: presidents of all groups received an information last September. There were only minor changes. Presidents are responsible that pilots are informed! There is a PPT on the web site of the association. The part FCL has to be implemented in each club. Each pilot must fill in the corresponding form and have it signed by the CFI who trained the pilot. And send it to BAZL.

The rules are for each pilot according to his/her license.

ATO certification: the association will help with the necessary changes. Peter Bregg produced the syllabus of the new pilot training.

Airspaces: Only minor changes mainly due to the many protests also by local clubs.
Changes: Emmen TMA lowered to 4500ft and Buochs CTR to new HX.

Projects BAZL:
GPS guided approach requires extension of Emmen and Bern to the South. The Federation will produce a protest.

Glider certification: by BAZL experts has become complicated with a 50km rule. CAMOS Antwerben, NRW, Süd are an alternative that can reduce costs by 50%. The scheme CAMOS plus extends the period of physical testing to 3 years.

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