SaFly tracking and emergency locater system (DSX)

Voilà quelques info sur un nouveau système de tracking et de détresse en anglais:


Tasks of the SaFly emergency locater and tracking system


The system is conceived for the use as:


 an emergency locator transmitter

 a tracking tool for personal safety and adventure sharing with friends and relatives

 a system for competitions, to broadcast the events and provide a safety system to monitor the participants.

– an IGC-certified tracking system for flight recording


The web service infrastructure is setup and offered to all customers, being them private users or firms or associations, to monitor the movements of the crafts. The files containing the position data can be downloaded in IGC and KML format directly from the personal page that every user is given, together with the SaFly hardware.


To send the data to a fix station, i.e. a computer for graphic and numeric displaying or a cellular phone, the DSX tracking system uses its GPRS and satellite integrated modules. In case the craft exits the coverage area of the GSM cellular network, the satellite channel is opened and the data are transmitted through the satellites.


All data are stored in the large, non volatile internal memory and can be downloaded once the craft is again at the base. The data transmitted are sent directly to the DSX private server, granting the total privacy and accessibility only by the authorized clients. It’s possible to send the data to any other server, since the system is completely reconfigurable. Configuration of operating parameters can be performed also from a remote cellular phone, in real time.


The customer has the mean to allow the persons that he authorizes, to follow his movements, in real time, in a DSX dedicated web page, where they are logged also for future reference and data downloading. The traces can be viewed in a 2D or 3D Google based window of any internet browser.


The user at the ground station can request information from the onboard system any time and with the level of detail desired (i.e. current position, speed, track and other onboard data from connected systems).


Thanks to this, it’s now feasible to know the track, the usage conditions of the craft and the status in which possible damages and accidents happen.


The display of the recorded data can be done on any computer connected to the internet and analysed in detail also with many software programs available on the market. Since 2012, the availability of the application « IGC Reader » for iPhone and iPad allows the viewing from the MAC family portable devices.


 The surveillance mode. Thanks to the extremely low power consumption of the DSX tracking system, a surveillance of the craft is possible also when it is powered by the internal batteries. The system can be configured to transmit a message if the craft moves from the position where it was left, alerting the owner and any other pre- ecorded phone number, through an SMS message. The SMS messages can be sent to as many cellular phones as desired and also to a predefined internet server.


In this operation mode, being able to transmit and receive to and from a ground station or a cellular phone, the system can send data collected from onboard sensors (i.e. temperature, movement onboard, status of the batteries) and can send commands to other systems of the craft that are connected (i.e. the heating system for pre-heating).


The tracking unit can be powered for a long time with the craft onboard battery or through its own solar panel and internal batteries, which makes it totally portable and independent from an external power.


Device 600.- EUR

Annual subscription fee 150.- EUR

Annual GPRS and Natel subscrition fee ?? EUR

Un article sur le sujet en allemand:

DSX Safly aus Paramotor 2012_01



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