Antares demo TKOFF at LSZS

Finally the rain ceased for a short moment so we could pull No 1 our of the hangar and I could do my demo flight. The head of LSZS gave me permission to self launch for the season (3 more days!). He wrote: Den am 9. August 2013 um 15:30 Uhr auf der Piste 03 gezeigte Start mit einer Density Altitude von 6556 ft bei einem Wind von 160° bei 3kt hat gezeigt , dass der Elektromotor über eine sehr gute Steigleistung verfügt und die Lärmemissionen überaus gering sind.

Thanks a lot to all my friends here, especially Manuel (the left chap in the picture) who helped me enormously.

Actually, it started to rain shortly before TKOFF which prolonged roll distance considerably (no problem on a 1800m RWY), but climb was 3.2m/s even at 60% power. After landing the nice girl behind the instrument panel always interrupted the lady in the TWR and each time I said « Say again » and she started talking the damn waring girl shut her down and told me that my gear is lowered while the air breaks were out until I found the button to shut her down. Complex systems, while well-intended can give rise to unanticipated safety issues.


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