Schänis marketing concept

Hypothesis at the outset:

90% of population don’t know about gliding
Image in population is bad

10% of population who knows about gliding think:
Over regulated
Boring (grey hair)
Voluntary work
Old fashioned

Passengers experience gliding like this:

Nausea and vomiting

So Schänis decided to investing in long air tows and with gentle long glides for all PAX flights; since then no vomiting anymore

Another PAX experience: Access for pax flights is difficult: « today is maybe not the good day… »

More negative marketing:

Accidents are on every bodies mind

Many organizations, many brands, lost marketing power!

How was it in Schänis 2002?
Short season
Dramatic regression in members

Schänis will be THE Sailplane competency center of Switzerland
They created one brand

Results after 10 years
Modern glider park
All year activity
No waiting time
Stable prices
Clients, cash flow



400 guest passengers per year


People who come to the airport are guests. Everyone is welcome, is invited to fly, gets information.

McKinsey graph:


Schänis Marketing plan (events):


Newsletter 1250 readers. Positive reports, enthusiasms.

9 experience days, 250 CHF per person: short theoretical intro, min one hour flight, no one gets sick (straight flight)

Schnupper week for non-glider pilots

Each Sunday 3×1 hour flight at fix times for 200 CHF

Self launch ASK21Mi
480 h motor time in 4 years
Charter Arcus-M

Glider Cup
For the Schänis pilots
6 days per year known in advance
Goal: fly more, fly far, have more fun
With each day 5 double seater flights with rookies and experienced pilots with a dinner with debriefing
Prize: souvenir

New team members
New ideas
Self launch concept
Charter concept


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